Has your website become a time and money pit that doesn’t contribute effectively to your business? At Beautiful Things, we create websites that are strategic and thoroughly tested until they become an invaluable tool to grow your list, convert more sales and embody the body, mind and soul of your business. 

You’ll get a website that:

  • Attracts your soul tribe
  • Grows your list with a magnetic freebie
  • Authentically embodies your core values
  • And strategically evolves as your business does
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stop getting caught up in the details

The Big Picture

It’s time to build a sturdy foundation with deep roots that will take your business to the next level . Your website is the center piece of your virtual avatar and it should be strategic, beautiful and be a cornerstone of your business. 

You can deeply align with your tribe while maintaining your authenticity by ..

  • learning to Articulate Your Why
  • Getting The Confidence To Niche so you attract your soul tribe
  • Speaking Directly From Your Heart and Directly To Your REAL Clients
  • creating a strategic plan that lays out your customer journey simply and authentically
  • manifest your dreams while feeding your soul

its time to level up

Evolved Web Design

You can move mountains with your voice, but I can give you the tools to infuse your voice into every facet of your virtual business. To dive deep into your soul purpose and learn to articulate exactly what you offer the world so they can’t help but sign up!

I seek to inspire an evolved method of communication through website design by creating websites that are not just seen, but felt, deep in the soul and inspire your customers journey.

Get Crystal Clear and

Schedule Your Discovery Call

We can get clear on your why and lay out your new strategic website and marketing plan that aligns with your core values and truly attracts your soul tribe. 

You can feel good about serving your community and authenticly selling 


Your Business has a


The mission, the purpose, the driving force of your business (and you!), the soul of your business is what makes others believe in your company, in your purpose and support your view of the world. When you lead with your soul, you can empower your clients and yourself to contribute creativity, skills and experience that fulfills that higher purpose. Don’t just lead, inspire. 


your Website has a


We all have our own personal brand, and so does your business, but it needs to appeal to YOUR SOUL TRIBE. Let’s get very clear on the image you wish to portray and whether that image aligns with who you want to attract. Branding is more than just the way something looks, it’s the way something feels, in the heart. 

  • Aesthetic
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Appeal
  • Mobile Design Thinking


Your Website has a


The manifestation of your dreams is possible when you envision your goals and support them with real data. Through research, SEO, testing, and analytics we build you a website that is always on the top of it’s game.

  • Market Research
  • SEO Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
Thank you for being so patient with me. I didn't understand this whole "website marketing funnel thing" and my DIY site was totally pointless. Thank you for showing me how to walk my customer through the steps of their journey. I got 10 new coaching clients this month!!!
Sarah Gallagher
Health Coach

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